Boston Talks: Deimos Fez

During The Case recap show, Steve received a text or dm from someone unknown. They didn’t want to come out and reveal the person’s identity so Steve GaVE a hint to who it was. He said it’s the gas station guy, which made it pretty easy to figure out who they were referring to. This is because they interviewed a man named Fez during the second episode. I find it quite humorous that Steve refers to him as “his guy”, for Fez is a mentally sick and troubled person, which you will soon find out.

Gas station guy contacts steve

From what I’ve gathered, there is a lot of “cutting” and self-mutilation going on in this county. I’ve seen multiple pictures on Facebook depicting people cutting themselves and carving words into their arms. If you look at Fez’s Facebook there many disturbing and upsetting displays of imagery, including rusty scissors and a picture of an axe coupled with a creepy caption. I also noticed he was wearing a bandana around his arm which is a way of hiding up cut marks.

Not only was he into self-mutilation, he also liked to take it into the bedroom and impose his extremely disturbing fetishes onto others. He is into what one of his ex-girlfriend referred to as “torture”. To be honest I have no fucking clue what that means, but it worried Boston enough that he wanted to know if Fez was hurting her.

One of Fez’s ex talking to Boston

Fez and Boston each have a history between themselves and women, a majority of Fez’s girlfriends would start talking to Boston and on multiple occasions they would start hooking up. From what I was told Boston would reach out to tell Fez and let him know what was going on, which drove Fez absolutely nuts.

This is fez talking to another ex about Boston

You would think there would be some type of research before you let someone with a vendetta against Boston say he had a part in a missing persons case. Fez says he’s a demon and demons hunt demons, he also refers to Boston as “strongest of his enemies”.

Another message to his ex, calling Boston his strongest of enemies.
Fez often refers to himself as a demon. His old twitter handle was Deimos Fez, Deimos is the Greek god of terror.
This is Steve’s “guy”

What other true crime podcast interviews a suspect so they can blame another suspect? Oh, Ya they forgot to mention that Fez was one of the first people the police questioned. Fez and Faith have a very long and historied bloody sexual relationship.

Deimos Fez talking to Boston about dating Faith.

There’s a whole lot more on Fez to come. Does the show actually know everything? You’ll find out!

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