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During The Case recap show, Steve received a text or dm from someone unknown. They didn’t want to come out and reveal the person’s identity so Steve GaVE a hint to who it was. He said it’s the gas station guy, which made it pretty easy to figure out who they were referring to. This is because they interviewed a man named Fez during the second episode. I find it quite humorous that Steve refers to him as “his guy”, for Fez is a mentally sick and troubled person, which you will soon find out.

Gas station guy contacts steve

For an episode titled “Faith,” one would have expected The Case podcast to have mentioned more about the evidence surrounding the namesake of their podcast, specifically legitimate evidence. Unfortunately, they decided to leave out important evidence about the case. For example, Jason the “drug dealer” said Faith was at his house that day but the last time he saw her, she was getting in David’s (her roommate) car in his driveway. It seems as though this podcast is more about trying to make someone guilty rather than focus on the case itself in an objective manner.

The following day, David…

My name is Marks Linda and I have been talking to Kevin Maler, AKA Boston, for over a week. For anyone who doesn’t know, Boston is a suspect in a 2019 missing person’s case of Faith Roach. His name was also brought up in the Jennifer Faye missing case from 1989. This all started when the podcast I listen to decided to try out a true crime podcast, The Case: Boston. After listening to the first episode titled “Jennifer, “ I had a few questions of my own I wanted to ask.


The Case: Boston Blog and my own discoveries. I'm not here to defend anyone or prove anyone guilty just relaying interesting things I come across.

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